21 Day Fix Extreme

The original 21 Day Fix was one of the most intense results-oriented programs on the market, so when the “Extreme” version came out, I was definitely intrigued.

The original program aimed to give you the greatest weight-loss results possible while still creating healthy habits in a short amount of time. It begs the question that, if you’re aiming to lose the most weight possible in 21 days, why also shift your focus to getting the most amazing results possible?

The Extreme version has the same basic format of daily workouts combined with a portion-controlled eating plan. Both plans use the same Beachbody container system. The containers have been so popular that they're available for purchase alone too.

The workouts are brand new from the original version. They’re still only 30 minute long HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), but are even more intense. Sounds impossible, I know!

To avoid making the workouts too difficult for beginners or those with flexibility or joint issues, there is a modifier for each workout.

The Meal Plan

  Before starting this program, I'd heard the eating plan described as "dummy proof." As Autumn says, "If it fits in the container, you can eat it." There's no counting calories, and no counting macros.
The biggest shock to most people is how small the yellow carb container is. The vegetable container seems small, but it can fit a surprisingly large amount of leafy greens in it. The protein portions are probably larger than most people are used to eating, but that's because you need it to support healthy muscle growth! The meal plan for the 21 Day Fix Extreme

The Workouts

You'll receive two DVDs with 7  total workouts, so you’ll only repeat each workout three times over the course of your 21 day experience. Each workout is tailored to a specific purpose and is presented in boot camp format. They include, plyometrics, cardio, individual upper and lower body workouts, yoga, and pilates. My favorite is the Extreme version of the original “Dirty 30” workout, which is an intense whole-body workout.

When you order through your Beachbody Coach, you also receive the Fix Challenge bodyweight workout, another of my favorites. In the program, it is supposed to be swapped out with the Cardio Fix. 

What to Expect

The difference between the two programs: 

Based upon results in my own challenge groups, I would definitely NOT recommend 21 Day Fix Extreme to someone who doesn't have a good fitness base. When I bought the program, I had just finished Insanity Max 30, but was still definitely sore when I started the program.

Who would I recommend the program to?

I would recommend 21 Day Fix Extreme to anyone who considers themselves fit, but is looking to change up their fitness, build muscle, or tweak their nutrition. In my own case, I had finished Insanity Max 30, which was all body weight exercises, so I was interested in beginning to lift weights and build more functional muscle. In my own case, I've been mixing the program with other workouts now, and consistently increasing the amount of weight that I lift.


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