Beachbody Challenge

Did you know that completing a program with Beachbody means that you're eligible to win cash prizes, or at the least, get a free T-shirt?

Beachbody has streamlined the whole system to give your the best chances of success, by designing the Challenge Pack. In every Challenge Pack, you receive your chosen fitness program and a month's supply of Shakeology to help get the nutrients to your body that it needs when completing intense workouts.

When you buy through a coach (such as myself), you also get the support of a coach and team of people who keep each other accountable and motivate you on those days that you don't feel like pushing play on the DVD.

When you start, be sure to take those before pictures, then take your after shots when you're done. Instructions on exactly what poses should be included are contained in each workout. 

There is a $500 winner chosen every day, and a $100,000 winners for those completely mind-blowing transformations! 

Once you've completed your program, head over to, fill out the form, and upload your pictures! I've only gotten T-shirts for the programs I've completed, but I think that's a great deal, especially with my coach discount!

If you purchase a Beachbody Challenge Pack which includes the Beachbody program of your choice with a 30-day supply of Shakeology, you’ll also receive 30-days free access to Beachbody On Demand to stream additional workouts from all of Beachbody's award winning series!

Get started here if you're ready to make the changes you've been putting off for way too long! I'll be with you along the way! 

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